McKee-Beshers WMA Sunflowers

August 19, 2017
Dawn and I caught the last of the sunflowers this year at McKee-Beshers WMA. They were already fading heads down heavy with seeds. According to the website "Located on Ri...
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Lighting and Posing Workshop

July 30, 2017
Today I attended my friend David Bleckman's Lighting and Posing Workshop. The model was Lexi Carter. I'm reasonably good at shooting portraits in my little basement studi...
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Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

July 10, 2017
Saturday morning Dawn, Sam, and I joined Road Runner Photography Tours and what seemed like a 100 other photographers at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens to photograph the wate...
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Garden Macros

July 04, 2017
I went out early this morning to try my hand at shooting some macros in my garden. I use an Olympus E-M1 with a 60mm Macro and a Lumecube to kick in some light. There wer...
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Balloon Flowers

June 15, 2017
A few year ago I purchased four small balloon flowers from Homestead Gardens. Every year I have been harvesting the seeds and spreading them throughout my flower beds. No...
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