I am an amateur photographer not a professional. I do this for fun. I started photography in 1979 using my father's Nikkormat SLR. He also taught me how to develop and process film in a darkroom. After years in a darkroom, I switched to digital in 2006 with a Nikon D90. I have now switched from to Olympus. While my favorite subject is wildlife, I like to shoot about anything.

In 2018 I was awarded Master Photographer by the Bowie Crofton Camera Club, becoming 1 of 5 Master Photographers in the club’s ~50-year existence. I have also been awarded Master of Monochrome Prints, Master of Color Prints, and Master of Digital in the Arundel Camera Club.

I am currently the webmaster and newsletter editor for the Arundel Camera Club. I have also served as their VP of Programs and VP of Contests.

I have BS and an MS in Computer Science which has served me well in the transition from film to digital using Photoshop and Lightroom. Professionally I work in the cybersecurity industry. I retired from the US Department of Defense in 2020 and currently work for Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory.