Mike Thomas Photos | ACC December Decay Competition Loosing Images

ACC December Decay Competition Loosing Images

December 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The theme for December at the Arundel Camera Club was "Decay." I have already posted about my winning images.  Here are a couple of my loosing images. I really liked these and I am disappointed they didn't place.

Asylum Womens AnnexFender

This one is titled "Fender." The judges comments included that he didn't know what the focus was the headlight or the fender. He also didn't like the black under the wheel well. He wanted some detail. Now this is a digital version of the image. The one entered into the contest was a print. He also said is was too dark for his taste. Comparing the two, the print is a little darker. The next time I enter this one, I will reprint it a little brighter.


This one is titled "Skulls" and I think it is a good still life that fits the decay theme perfectly. Of all the images that won, most were of old buildings, boats, cars. Few were of living things that were dying, dead, and/or decaying. There was one winner of some tomatoes dying on a withered vine and there were several of mushrooms. 





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