Mike Thomas Photos | July Image Critique & Challenge: Distressed

July Image Critique & Challenge: Distressed

August 06, 2016  •  2 Comments

David Blecman's Annapolis Photography Workshop Group July image critique's theme was "Distressed."  I didn't have any winners. Here is one of my entries.

Mike P6110200Mike P6110200OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The judges said this image needed to be a half stop brighter and were disturbed by the crap on the left side of frame. Made several suggestions for cropping the crap out. At the time I was irritated by their comments. However, I went ahead and reedited the image.

MercedesMercedes You can see I brightened this image. I also cropped and cloned the crap out of the left side of the image. Thoughts?


Cathy hockel(non-registered)
Cropped is better. Can not see a huge difference in brightness.
Joe Rooney(non-registered)
Hey Mike,

I'm not so sure brightening the whole image does anything, but cropping/cloning out the stuff on the left does make a difference.
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