Mike Thomas Photos | January Image Critique & Challenge: Food Close-Up

January Image Critique & Challenge: Food Close-Up

January 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

David Blecman's Annapolis Photography Workshop Group January image critique's theme was "Food Close-Up"  I didn't have any winners. Here is one of my entries.

This image of a lemon wedge in a glass of carbonated water won 2nd place. Everyone liked the blue tint to the bubbles. Lemon Wedge2nd Place "Annapolis Photography Workshop Group" Digital Food Close-Up
This one seemed to get everyone's attention. I thought the judges liked it. David did say he didn't think it was as sharp as it should be. Fred thought that was just the way the jelly looked. Fruit Slices
This one I have to admit I sent the wrong photo in. The one I sent the background wasn't black and the cream and cake looked overexposed. This is the correct image. Zinger



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