Mike Thomas Photos | Horseshoe Crabs at Slaughter Beach

Horseshoe Crabs at Slaughter Beach

June 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Dawn, Samantha, and I spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning at Slaughter Beach, Delaware. Out goal to see the annual migration and mating of the horseshoe crabs. Slaughter Beach is a horseshoe crab sanctuary where they are protected from harvesting. Horseshoe crabs are prehistoric. They come to the beaches every year between May and June during high tide and the full moon to mate and lay their eggs. We made our way to the beach Friday afternoon. There were no crabs in sight but the remnants of some dead ones from previous high tide. We came back after dinner. Watched the full strawberry moon rise. Still no crabs. We waited until near 10pm and still no crabs. We called it a night. On Saturday morning we went to the  DuPont Nature Center and we could see crabs on the beach using their remote controlled 360' camera. So we went back to the beach around time for high tide and there they were. Here are some photos.

Mating Horseshoe Crabs Mating Horseshoe Crabs Mating Horseshoe Crabs
Horseshoe Crab Mating Horseshoe Crabs Laying Eggs


If you see one upside down. Turn it over so it can finish mating, laying eggs, and returning to the sea. Turn it over



There were also lots of cactus in bloom which attracted lots of bees. Bee on Cactus Flower Bee on Cactus Flower



We also saw some Diamondback Terrapins Diamondback Terrapin



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