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July 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I went out early this morning to try my hand at shooting some macros in my garden. I use an Olympus E-M1 with a 60mm Macro and a Lumecube to kick in some light. There were lots of Balloon flowers, Cone Flowers, Daylilies, and Black Eyed Susan in bloom. In addition to lots of Bees I found a couple of yellow and black garden spiders.

Spider Macro 2017-07-04 18-29-02 (C)-EditDay Lily Bee Macro
MIke P7040623-EditCone Flower

2017-07-04 17-18-52 (C)-EditCone Flower Macro

Here is another spider macro. I tried to get the web in focus this one. I succeeded in getting the web from the Spider to the back but not in front of the spider. You have to click on it to actually see the web.

2017-07-04 16-56-59 (C)-EditSpider and Web




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